Darien “BigSkinny” Standifer

Funny, witty, and relatable are just a few of the quality characteristics that describe comedic star on the rise BigSkinny. It is these characteristics coupled with his gift of comedy and his captivating personality that have helped him win over the hearts of audiences since he was a young boy growing up in Ruston, Louisiana.

Fueled by the inspiration to want to do better and be better for his kids, Darien “BigSkinny” Standifer decided it was time to go after his dream and an accidental dream at that. It all started with a challenge to get on stage at a comedy open mic event that his life changed forever. Upon stepping off that stage he took the advice that he often gives to others, “It’s never too late. It’s never too late to follow your dream or passion in life.”

Today, BigSkinny is following that dream, taking his talents and bigger than life personality to stages everywhere with plans to do the same in movies, television, and more in the future. “I love to make people smile. Bring joy to people’s lives,” says BigSkinny, and based on his grind, determination and gifts he’ll be doing it successfully for a very long time.


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